Infographics, motion graphics, explainers

2D and 3D animations

The Swedish word förklara means to explain. Förklara is a Malmö-based group of freelancers with a long experience in the visual field. We make explanations interesting and beautiful, using clear text, illustrations and animations.

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Portrait of Maja Lindén

Maja Lindén

is the founder of Förklara. She is an illustrator with a Bachelor in information design, a skilled drawing hand and a wide experience in the digital field.
Maja has worked as a news graphic designer and comic artist. She loves combining traditional art techniques with the latest tech, and is good at making explanations beautiful and easy to understand.


portrait of Johan Jergner

Johan Jergner-Ekervik

2d artist and visual astronaut. Fueled by passion for creativity, my style is constantly evolving. With a background in comic art animation comes natural for me.


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