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Infographics and motion graphics

Is there something you need to explain? Do you want to help people understand your business idea, how to use your product or the force of gravity? Let us help you.
We are a small, flexible and very creative studio with many year´s experience in infographics. Write us an e-mail, to find out what we can do for you!
Below are samples of our work.

The force of reaction, Newton´s third law

Explainer based on interview with Per Lindén, architect and master explainer of physics.
Information design and illustrations: Maja Lindén.
Animation, sound design and speaker: Johan Jergner-Ekervik

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Countdown, advertisement Fridhem folk high school

Numbers published on Instagram and Facebook day by day as a countdown for the last application day. The animated effects are examples of what the students will learn during the one year graphic design program.
Sound effects obtained from zapsplat.com, soundbible.com and soundjay.com. Glitch footage from Footage Island. Animation by Maja Lindén.

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Sales material, Streamstone AB

Streamstone AB is a communication consulting company who work primarily with Church of Sweden. They needed material for marketing purposes and Maja helped them with a small graphic manual. She also made infographics in two versions: one version for printing, and an animated version for web and Powerpoint presentations. www.streamstone.se

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Video showing the necessary steps to make the members of a non-profit organisation stay.

Communication process illustration
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To baptise or not? Video showing the steps to be taken by the Church of Sweden when contacting the parents of a newborn child.

3D Model of the Titanic, Romandisea Resort, China

This concept art was for a modified replica of Titanic, which is currently being built by a Chinese businessman for the Romandisea Tourist Resort in China. Jason was contacted by their historical consultant to provide a modified 3D model of the ship to aid in the design process and for promotional purposes. A key requirement was to show modern shipbuilding elements, the most important being the removal of sheer curvature from the hull. Thus the Titanic you see in these videos has flat decks, unlike the original ship. 3D-model by Jason DeDonno.

Romandisea English Webpage

Titanic Romandisea
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The women´s aid in Lund

The women´s aid in Lund needed to raise awarenes of their helpline number. This video was shown on public transport monitors in Skåne, winter 2017. Illustrations and animation by Maja Lindén.

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Fridhems folkhögskola

Fridhem folk high school needed an advertising video to promote their new program Graphic Design for Change, starting autumn 2019. The video features illustrations made by students. Sound: Anders Vestergård, Design and animation: Maja Lindén

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Jesus gif´s, Church of Sweden

The parish of Sankt Mikael in Stockholm needed small Jesus symbols to help communication between languages. The icon was made in many versions, those shown here are the animated ones. 


Scientific results as cartoons, the Pufendorf Institute, University of Lund

Presenting resarch results in the form of cartoons, Maja Lindén made 10 scientific posters, book cover and illustrations for the project Digiwork. The theme consisted of 12 scientists from different institutes, researching the way digital technologies effect the way we think, live and work. 

Pufendorf Institute, digital workday, surgeon
Pufendorf Institute, science poster
Pufendorf Institute, nurses

Newspaper infographics, Helsingborgs Dagblad

Infographics made by Maja Lindén for Helsingborgs Dagblad, explaining topics from criminal networks to eye surgery. 

Helsingborgs Dagblad, ergonomic illustration
Cigarette smuggling
Eye surgery infographic

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For extensive portfolio with work for Pufendorf Institute, Lund University, Region Skåne, Helsingborgs Dagblad and more, see www.majalinden.se

Romandisea logotype
Streamstone AB
Lunds universitet
Fridhems folkhögskola
Region Skåne
Helsingborgs Dagblad
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